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DigiDat Solutions

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DigiDat Solutions is the premier data entry and document management service company offering a one-stop solution to all your information processing needs. The company specializes in state-of-the-art systems and technology to provide a professional outsourcing service specializing in forms processing, data entry, database management and back file conversion.

DigiDat Solutions has also partnered with selected IT companies in INDIA to provide cost effective software and web development services to its worldwide customers. Our services include: Software application development and maintenance, web design and web application development, Graphic design services, Internet marketing Solutions and Business Process Outsourcing.


DigiDat Solutions offers a full range of services:

Form Design
Document Preparation
Data Entry / Processing
Electronic Recognition: OCR & ICR Processing
(Handwritten, Machine Print, Reader Response)
Document Management
Document Warehouse
Document Retrieval
Document Workflow


Medical Transcription


Legal Transcription


Clients reduce costs, eliminate backlogs, and significantly improve data input quality, production and document availability. This allows the enterprise to focus on its core business and grow exponentially without hiring additional personnel, leasing additional office space and confronting the rapid obsolescence of costly hardware and software.




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