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Tele Marketing
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Outsourcing Telemarketing to India

Offshore call centers

A host of international companies have set up telemarketing services and call centers to outsource customer support and telemarketing at very low costs and in an efficient manner. Offshore call centers offering telemarketing services help you turn your potential candidates into clients, and these clients/customers into advocates. A focus is required on building an enduring bond by using a personalized approach that provides the value addition necessary to maintain and grow your client base.

Offshore call centers in India

India is home to a large English speaking population who are also largely computer literate. The customer service and marketing operators at telemarketing centers are trained professionals with effective presentation and communication skills. Such a call center handles both outbound and inbound (B2B and B2C) calls day and night all around the year.

These call centers possess a sophisticated integrated voice response system, automatic call distribution and a database server. An earth station provides direct links to a satellite that in turn connects to the foreign country via an optic fiber link. India has the required infrastructure, technology, and qualified work force to handle your telemarketing needs.

Other Telemarketing services

Apart from telemarketing products, such offshore call centers also offer many other inter-related services such as:

  • Telebanking
  • Direct response television
  • Customer service management for international banks, software firms, telecom service providers, credit card companies etc.
  • Airline ticketing and reservations.
  • Sales lead generation
  • Market research and surveys
  • Database Cleaning and Updating
  • Third Party Verification
  • Record Verification
  • Fraud Detection /Prevention Calls
  • Welcome / Thank-you Calls
  • Continuity Sales Calls,
  • any kind of Message Delivery.

Potential Problems

Although these telemarketing operators are trained with the necessary expertise, some new accents and terms peculiar to a particular foreign country may be difficult to understand. However these are problems that can be overcome through training and close co ordination and interaction between the various parties. India is becoming an increasingly popular location for offshore call centers. Fill out the form below and find out about telemarketing services that will cater to your specific needs.