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DigiDat Solutions

Data Conversion
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We have the resources, technology and experience in digitizing  large volumes of content: newspapers, books, journals and hand written forms from print, electronic images and microfilm / microfiche formats. We guarantee a conversion accuracy of up to 99.999%, very fast turnaround and data entry costs that are under 1/4th the prevailing rates.

A workforce of over 100 skilled personnel have earned us a for the quality of our digitizing and IT services. Our mission is to provide complete data conversion and IT services to our global customers at very low cost and very fast turnaround.

Fast, accurate & low-cost data conversion

Data capture is from images or paper forms. We use a double key process to ensure high accuracy output. We realize that your data is useless if incorrect and we ensure that our forms processed data is of a high level of accuracy.

If you would like to outsource your data entry work to India Please feel free to contact me by telephone or by email with the following information.

1. Name of the Company

2. Address:

3. Country

4. Tel No 

5. URL  (if any)

6. Name your projects 

7. Describe the nature of the project 

8. What exactly do you expect to be delivered to you on completion of the project ?

9. Do you have sample pages of the type of work that you would like us to handle?

10. Do you have a time frame for completion? (please specify)

11. What is the total volume of work ?

12. Please indicate your total budget


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