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Data Entry
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The world of business is dynamic, fast paced, and in constant flux. In such an environment the accessibility of accurate, detailed information is a necessity. It is irrelevant whether you are a small business or a sprawling global empire, as information is an asset in any scenario. The more you know about the market, your customers or clients, and other factors that influence an organization, the better you can understand your own business. There is usually an overwhelming amount of data entry required in order to progress.

In some companies the need for data entry is constant while for others there may be just a temporary requirement. Whatever the need may be, accurate and easily accessible data is a necessity. However, not many companies have the resources or finances to conduct data entry work in-house. Exploring alternative solutions like outsourcing your data entry work is a good idea.

If you would like to outsource your data entry work to India Please feel free to contact me by telephone or by email with the following information.

1.      Name of the Company 

2. Address:

3. Country

4. Tel No 

5. URL  (if any)

6. Name your projects 

7. Describe the nature of the project 

8. What exactly do you expect to be delivered to you on completion of the project ?

9. Do you have sample pages of the type of work that you would like us to handle?

10. Do you have a time frame for completion? (please specify)

11. What is the total volume of work ?

12. Please indicate your total budget


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